She + Her

These 2 forces, She + Her, are entirely symbolic of my own internal struggle.

Her; My doubts, insecurities, my rage/frustrations, my impotence, my complete submissive willingness to change/forgo everything I am just to please.
My belief that Her knows what is right in the world and, because of my past transgressions, I should follow Her blindly. Without question; lest I become a bastard again…
Her makes me feel wracked with thought. Must think.
Must think! Don’t react!

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Metropolitan Blues…

A sharply dressed man with a copy of “Uncut” leaves his table to make his way to the bathroom while a table full of tattooed men and eager women laugh effortlessly at an unheard joke… A businessman shifts awkwardly in his skin as he orders another wine… Two less than subtle women in skirts far too short talk far too loudly about an unfortunate, unseen man… A flock of schoolgirls move aside to let a man wearing shabby clothing move through their throng, then giggle malevolently amongst themselves…

The city stoically ignores the commotion.

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