South Australian Police Officer Murders Wombat with Rock While Friend Celebrates.

You killed him, bro!”

(The linked report below shows some pretty fucked up footage, so tread lightly.)

ABC News reports…

South Australia Police are investigating a video that appears to show an off-duty officer badly injuring or killing a wombat by throwing rocks at it.

I know there’s certain sectors of the community that will rigorously defend police officers no matter how abhorrent their behaviour is, but surely we can all agree that the killing of a defenceless animal, with a rock, just for fun, is a pretty shitty thing to do.

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Japan Tackles Crying Flying Children.

In a move that’s bound to upset and provoke the more… sensitive members of the community a Japanese airline has introduced a new tool that lets you dodge infants when you book your seat.

Japan Airlines (JAL) website states:

“Passengers traveling with children between 8 days and 2 years old who select their seats on the JAL website will have a child icon displayed on their seats on the seat selection screen.”

Insane Australian Christian School Principal says Insane Things; is Insane.

Adults attacking a kid for speaking her mind is pretty much the hobby du jour for everyone who is threatened by climate change, or young people, or females, or people that have dissenting opinions, or young females that have dissenting opinions on climate change.

But this clown and his hubris take the cake.

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Adults Bullying Teenagers for Their Beliefs – Two Wrongs Don’t Make It Right.

As I’m sure you’re all aware a few days ago Greta Thunberg, a teenager from Sweden, spoke at the United Nations General Assembly about climate change. Pointedly, she called out adults and world leaders for not doing enough to protect the environment and made it clear she was not impressed with their lack of action.

Greta Thunberg Scanners Donald Trump
Yeah kid, me too.

Soon enough came the inevitable backlash. From adults and world leaders.

Funny that.

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Scott Morrison Thinks Trump + Mars = The Best Selling Show.

Once again Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said and done things that I don’t fully comprehend.

ABC News reports…

“The Prime Minister was at NASA to announce his Government will spend $150 million over five years to help Australian businesses get involved in America’s planned mission to the Moon and then Mars.”

OK. But how? I’ve read this article three times and I still can’t figure out what the $150m of Australian taxpayer money is actually buying.

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Short Thought 055

Boomers: “Kids these days are lazy and have no initiative.
Kid: Speaks up and tries to do something worthwhile. Something they believe in.
Also Boomers: “Shut up you brat. You don’t know anything and should be in school. Have some respect for your elders but not your parents who obviously brainwashed you.

John Howard & George Pell. Still BFFs 4 eva.

It’s worth remembering that John Howard, former leader of the federal Liberal party and former Prime Minister of Australia, gave convicted paedophile/child molester and Australian cardinal of the Catholic Church George Pell a glowing character reference prior to his initial trial.

He was subsequently found guilty and convicted on five charges.

John Howard and George Pell - Peas in a pod
Two peas in a pod. (Picture: AAP)

Howard is yet to retract his reference or disavow Pell.

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The Hypocrisy of the Australian Government Knows No Bounds.

For the uninitiated; the Australian Prime Minister and the Minister for Home Affairs are both refusing to intervene in the case of a Tamil Family facing deportation.

Prime Minister Numpty McFuckface can be quoted as saying:

“I do understand the real feeling about this and the desire for there to be an exception but I know what the consequences are of allowing those exceptions.”

Oh. You know about the consequences of allowing exceptions do you? Huh.

Because I remember a time, not too long ago, when Liberal party member and current Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton ABSOLUTELY LOVED to intervene in all things border security.

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