Motivate This! – Entry #006

Or, conversely, do.
Or, conversely, do.

We all know what these words are trying to convey and it is indeed a noble sentiment. But perhaps instead of using a flimsy literary metaphor the writer of this blinkered motivational should simply have stated what they are actually trying to assert.

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Motivate This! – Entry #004


Magic isn’t believing in yourself. Believing in yourself is believing in yourself.

Magic is the ability to shoot fireballs from your hands and conjure minions from the twisting nether to do your bidding. Or to a lesser extent, knowing what card someone is holding or pulling a rabbit from a hat.

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Motivate This! – Entry #003

Ah, so we meet again.
Ah, so we meet again.

I’ve seen this jibberish pass through my facebook feed at least 29 times and every single time I angstily think to myself “Who posts this shit? What’s the purpose? What are you trying to convey? That you’re deep? That you yourself think like this? WHY ARE YOU POSTING THIS!?!


These supposed words of wisdom are often incorrectly attributed to a wide variety of knowledgeable people: Bruce Lee, Buddha, Christopher Reeve, Confucius and Vanessa Carlton to fictional characters like Yoda and Morgan Freeman.

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Motivate This! – Entry #002

Um, no.

The inference here is that once you decide on something the universe conspires to makes it happen. Actually, it’s less of an inference and more exactly what the picture says.

So let’s explore the absurdity of that from two separate angles.
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Motivate This! – Entry #001

Being citizens of the modern age I’m sure we’ve all happened across those “positive affirmation/motivational” pictures while online.

You know the ones.

Allegedly profound words that are typically set against a beach at sunset or, alternatively, emboldened words on a flat background. Designed to affirm and/or motivate.

We all have at least one friend on facebook that is compelled by an unknown force, possibly Morgan Freeman, to spew out these supposed wise-bombs ad nauseum.

So, in the spirit of pointing out how utterly ridiculous and completely nonsensical these words/pictures can be, I present this inaugural post.

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