Motivate This! – Entry #004


Magic isn’t believing in yourself. Believing in yourself is believing in yourself.

Magic is the ability to shoot fireballs from your hands and conjure minions from the twisting nether to do your bidding. Or to a lesser extent, knowing what card someone is holding or pulling a rabbit from a hat.

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Motivate This! – Entry #003

Ah, so we meet again.
Ah, so we meet again.

I’ve seen this jibberish pass through my facebook feed at least 29 times and every single time I angstily think to myself “Who posts this shit? What’s the purpose? What are you trying to convey? That you’re deep? That you yourself think like this? WHY ARE YOU POSTING THIS!?!


These supposed words of wisdom are often incorrectly attributed to a wide variety of knowledgeable people: Bruce Lee, Buddha, Christopher Reeve, Confucius and Vanessa Carlton to fictional characters like Yoda and Morgan Freeman.

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Motivate This! – Entry #002

Um, no.

The inference here is that once you decide on something the universe conspires to makes it happen. Actually, it’s less of an inference and more exactly what the picture says.

So let’s explore the absurdity of that from two separate angles.
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A Sort Of Homecoming.

I’m beginning to loathe where I live. Like, really detest it. For those that are interested, I’ll share the most current of the ever increasing stockpile of reasons.

Were-sharks. Definitely on the list.

As I’m sure most of you (my faithful readers) are aware, I attempt to spend as much time as humanly possible in Bali.

Through some oversight in the responsibility = reward spectrum I’ve managed to spend an inordinate amount of time in a tropical wonderland drinking cheap beer, meeting fantastic people and getting into wacky adventures.

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What In The Blue Hell Is A Liebster Award?

So I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award and have absolutely no idea what that means.

As far as I can tell it’s either the blogging equivalent of a well earned pat on the back from one of your peers, or the blogging equivalent of a chain email elderly relatives are compelled to pass on.

With age comes wisdom
“Send it to Travis! He loves girls and cups!”

Perhaps it’s both.

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Things That Suck: CD Cases.

If ever there was a case that truly justified the overused expression “We can put a man on the moon but we can’t… whatever, this is it.

We can put a man on the moon but we can’t make CD cases that don’t self destruct on contact.

They’re not highly confidential messages from Chief Quimby to Inspector Gadget goddamn it.
They’re not highly confidential messages from Chief Quimby to Inspector Gadget goddamn it.

Since their inception in 198- CD cases have been ass. I’m talking specifically about the “jewel case” which is by far the most common and if you own any CDs at all chances are 98% of them have this design.

Bizarrely, despite their numerous and obvious flaws, there has never been any significant advances in CD case technology. The cases that were first mass produced in the early 80’s are exactly the same as the ones we still use today.

It’s insane.

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