Short Thought 055

Boomers: “Kids these days are lazy and have no initiative.
Kid: Speaks up and tries to do something worthwhile. Something they believe in.
Also Boomers: “Shut up you brat. You don’t know anything and should be in school. Have some respect for your elders but not your parents who obviously brainwashed you.

Short Thought 052

Remember when you were a kid and how, when you were sleepy, you’d just go to bed?

Like, that was all there was to it?

Now when you’re sleepy you have to check that the front door is locked, pull the blinds down, check the cats have water, run the dishwasher, shutdown the computer, turn the TV off, brush your teeth, get a glass of water, remove your unfolded laundry from the bed, plug your phone in, make sure your alarm is set and do one last social media check.

What the fuck happened?!