Introductions & Welcomes

Ah technology. Thank you for giving me the power/opportunity to spread my unique tales and rambling thoughts to the masses.

Ok, so “the masses” may be somewhat over-enthusiastic, but I’m optimistic.

Honestly, if I can wrangle a few like minded souls who not only find my small corner of the internet but also enjoy reading my tales of awesomeness/bewilderment/angst I’ll consider this endeavour to be completely worthwhile.

And if nobody follows this blog I’ll tell myself I’m doing it for me.

I plan on filling this most enigmatic and humble of blogs with witty observations I, um, observe, exasperating quandaries I find myself in and sketchy opinions that decent society may frown upon. Or, I may just use this space to post things about people I know without fear of scandal/retribution. Only time will tell…

Before we get started, I’d like to share with you a few choice quotes I “accidentally” memorised while my workplace psychologist was out of the room.

You know, to set the scene.

“Extremely charismatic when he wants to be, but also incredibly moody. One moment he can seemingly have the world at his feet, the next he’s a maelstrom of angst and rage. His moods change like the weather. I believe the term is capricious.”

“Simultaneously focused on and distracted by the minutiae of life. He can be bound to moments of profound insight and see things in this world that most others do not; or simply choose to ignore.”

“I’m currently unable to discern whether the sometimes socially confronting, often meaningless, questions he asks are purely to entertain an invisible audience known only to himself; to antagonise the ‘status quo’ (read: commonly accepted social norms); or if he is genuinely confused by everyday social interactions and situations.”

“Naive innocent or deliberate instigator? That question currently remains unanswered.”

Excerpts from the case notes of [NAME DELETED]

Well, off with the horns, on with the show.