South Australian Police Officer Murders Wombat with Rock While Friend Celebrates.

You killed him, bro!”

(The linked report below shows some pretty fucked up footage, so tread lightly.)

ABC News reports…

South Australia Police are investigating a video that appears to show an off-duty officer badly injuring or killing a wombat by throwing rocks at it.

I know there’s certain sectors of the community that will rigorously defend police officers no matter how abhorrent their behaviour is, but surely we can all agree that the killing of a defenceless animal, with a rock, just for fun, is a pretty shitty thing to do.


We’re not going to have to hear the same tired claims that get trotted out whenever a cop breaks the law and is exposed for acting in a thoroughly reprehensible way are we?
Surely the banal calls of “It’s a tough job” or “They only had a split second to make a decision” or my favourite… “If I had someone behaving like that to me, if I had to deal with the scum they do, I’d react like the cop did too!” don’t apply here.


Unfortunately this horrific incident is just another in a long list of examples that unequivocally shows the calibre of individual currently working within the various police forces across the country.

South Australian Police Officer Kills Wombat

Finally, the head-shaking icing on this cake of utter depravity only serves to highlight the Michael Scott* levels of ineptness within South Australia Police.

They cant even get their stories straight.

Police Commissioner Grant Stevens confirmed the man in the video was a police officer.


A police spokesman said: “South Australia Police are aware of a social media video depicting an incident involving a man inflicting injuries upon a wombat. An inquiry is being undertaken into this matter to first formally identify the man.”

I would wager that if the Police Commissioner of South Australia knows this twisted fuck is a cop, he knows the identity of the fucker too. Maybe you guys should call each other.



*Unlike South Australia Police Michael Scott could definitely pull it together and be an effective manager when he needed to be.

Author: Travis Nevers

Just another random blogger trying to make his way in this crazy world we all share. Sometimes insightful, sometimes not... Read along at home!

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