The Hypocrisy of the Australian Government Knows No Bounds.

For the uninitiated; the Australian Prime Minister and the Minister for Home Affairs are both refusing to intervene in the case of a Tamil Family facing deportation.

Prime Minister Numpty McFuckface can be quoted as saying:

“I do understand the real feeling about this and the desire for there to be an exception but I know what the consequences are of allowing those exceptions.”

Oh. You know about the consequences of allowing exceptions do you? Huh.

Because I remember a time, not too long ago, when Liberal party member and current Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton ABSOLUTELY LOVED to intervene in all things border security.

Around this time last year Mr Dutton used his ministerial power to grant visas to two European au pairs. Young, white, reasonably attractive, female au pairs.

Au pairs that also happened to be working for Dutton’s mates.

Twice he did this. Unapologetically of course. And with the full support of Prime Minister Numpty.

Firstly: he freed a French au pair (who had breached the conditions of her visa) from detention after AFL boss Gillon McLachlan asked him to.

McLachlan’s family has donated over $200,000 to the Liberal Party since 1999. Surely just a coincidence.

Dutton stated that his intervention was a “discretionary and humanitarian act” for someone with “ongoing needs” and that the decision was in the “interests of Australia as a humane and generous society“.

I know right! The hypocrisy of this man knows no bounds.

Peter Dutton Vs Hypocrisy
Peter Dutton – The face of empathy. (Picture: Matt Roberts)

Secondly: after she was detained because Border Force believed she planned to work as a babysitter (again, in breach of her tourist visa) Dutton used his ministerial powers to ensure an Italian au pair planning to work for a former Queensland Police colleague could stay in the country.

A spokeswoman for Mr Dutton said:

“Any suggestions cases are determined on any other basis, including whether he knew the individual who referred the matter, is completely false.”

Because of course she did.

It’s almost like they have an agenda or something.

And that’s to say nothing of the Liberal Government going back on its refusal to discuss “on-water matters” and the number of “illegal” boats entering Australian waters.

In a statement that COULD NOT BE MORE TRANSPARENT ol’ Numpty stated the following:

“The government releases information as it believes it’s important to do so. We followed a practice that we have in the past and I think that keeps the issue of the ever-present threat of illegal arrivals to Australia foremost in the public’s mind.”

Which basically translates as:

We leak this shit when were taking a beating in the polls or when the general public is turning against us. Regardless, it’s completely when it suits us to do so. We’ve always done this shit, why you mad? It’s the same fearmongering that kept Howard in office and keeping the populous scared is our go-to tactic in lieu of any meaningful policies. It also keeps everyone distracted while we bilk you out of all of your freedoms.

Finally, when asked if his government was out of step with the public mood, Prime Minister Numpty said:

“It’s not about the public mood.”

Scott Morrison - Numpty McFuckFace
Australian Prime Minister Numpty McFuckFace – “Fuck the public mood.” (Picture: Matt Roberts)

Yep. Fuck the public mood.

What do they know anyway.


Author: Travis Nevers

Just another random blogger trying to make his way in this crazy world we all share. Sometimes insightful, sometimes not... Read along at home!


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