Only I Stand Here – The Year In (the) Re(ar)view(mirror).

For the same reason I don’t make New Years resolutions I’ve never felt the urge to reflect on my blog at the end of the calendar year.

In both cases it seems so bizarrely arbitrary.

If an individual wishes to reflect on their life or make positive changes to it; kick ass. That’s to be commended. However, ANY TIME IS A GOOD TIME TO DO THIS. The 22nd of July, the 1st of August, the 14th of November or March the goddamn 26th are all equally opportune dates to decide to stop sucking so much.

Losing weight, drinking less, creating more, gym-ing more, being less petty, saving more, being less of a ho, being more of a ho, traveling more, spending less, working harder, working less. Whatever it is. All of these things can be undertaken AT ANY TIME.

Rob Schneider Believes In You
Truly a prophet for the ages.

One does not need to wait until the end of the year before committing to positive change. It’s so weird that this is a thing that needs to be said.

And as a wiser man than I once observed/sung “Nothing changes on New Years Day…

Having said that, I’m feeling particularly self-aggrandising so I’ma do a quick refection on my blogs existence over the course of 2017. Funny how uttering/typing “having said that” instantly negates everything that was said/written immediately before it.



Ignoring creative growth entirely because, really, how important is creative growth when compared to views, likes and all the other algorithms and metrics WordPress uses to show how good/passionate at writing you are…., here are a few stats.

In terms of views and visitors 2017 was my most successful year of literary storytelling since 2013.

So that’s something.

In terms of the ALMIGHTY like 2017 was my most successful year since I began Only I Stand Here.

Which is also cool.

Building upon the solid base I established in previous years, and defying all grammatical standards and common decency, I began 138 sentences with the word and in 2017.

And with hard work and dedication I aim to surpass that achievement in 2018. I believe.

Outside of the aberration that is that one time I was featured on Freshly Pressed for writing an excessively verbose tale of your humble narrator being caught checking out a random passer-by’s daughter while in Bali (yep, that happened), 2017 was the year I received the most comments from other writers and various vagabonds passing through.

I dig this the most. As this blog/site is somewhat clandestine, meaning I don’t share its existence/contents with a vast majority of my friends and family (so I can write freely, without fear of… retribution? Comeuppance?), the feedback I receive from you guys is the only feedback I get.

So a heartfelt and genuine thank you to everyone that took the time to comment throughout 2017. That shit is important to me.

In less saccharine news…

The search terms that brought the most visitors to my little corner of the internet are:

1. amazon.
2. thanks for watching memes forrest gump.
3. taylor swift hates sewing machines.
4. russian prostitutes in bali.
5. fuck the taylor when sewing.
6. prostitution women russia in bali.
7. i stand in affirmation with you.

What in the blue hell?  thanks for watching memes forrest gump?  russian prostitutes in Bali?  fuck the taylor when sewing?

You guys are weird. And apparently really into South American jungles and/or online shopping.

Hmm. I wonder if there’s any correlation between the most used search terms and the most read posts…

The most read posts of 2017:

1. From Russia With Love.
2. “Fuck Sewing Machines” – Taylor Swift.
3. Things That Suck: The Snooze Button.
4. Things That Suck: Forrest Gump.

Oh… Moving on.

Where exactly do you guys live?

In 2017 the countries that visited Only I Stand Here the most are:

1. United States.
2. Australia.
3. Indonesia.
4. India.
5. United Kingdom.
6. Canada.
7. Brazil.
8. China.

Only I Stand Here is read in 5 out of 7 continents; that’s kinda rad. Antarctica and Africa, you guys need to lift your game. Also, nice to see the two countries I spend the most time in coming in at second and third respectively.

I never would have guessed that China would have been so interested in the exploits of a hedonistic anarchist with a questionable moral compass from Melbourne, Australia.

Hey China, you’re alright.

There’s also this:

Travis Nevers posted 42 posts to Only I Stand Here in 2017.

Damn son! That’s almost more posts than I have posted in all previous years combined.  I’m more prolific than ever!

These random things also happened!

Short Thoughts seemed to go over well, which is rad because it’s easier to write and publish a vague passing thought than pump out a thousand plus words on topics like the time I encountered a homeless woman leaking excessive amounts of mystery fluid or why I think Kanye West is one of the last living rock kings. Most likely easier for readers to get through too.

This further consolidates my belief that blogging/WordPress is merely Facebook for people who take themselves a little more seriously than the common folk.

My sole Drunken Snapchat Theatre post was one of the most effortless things I’ve ever written. Perhaps demonstrated by the overall lack of interest in it by readers.
An Only I Stand Here Snapchat account is something I need to research this year.

I’m sure that will end well…

People hate snooze alarms.

And rightfully so.

Little Fears liked a great many of my posts. As did The Shameful Sheep, Unbolt Me, liongsufeiblog and Sarah In LaLaLand. I have no idea if any of these peeps actually read anything I wrote, or if they were merely following the tried and true WordPress formula of success: follow and like ALL the blogs, because then they’re more likely to follow and like yours. Which equals success in the blogosphere!

For the record the above blogs are varying degrees of pretty cool. And earnest, I like that. Check them out instead of doing work.

bone&silver deserves a shout out for her late run of reading my nonsense, providing feedback and actually interacting with your humble narrator. Which is something I myself am terrible at.

Go read her stuff too. It’s a worthy endeavour.

Before I disappear into the internet ether, I’d like to shout out a few of the bars where Only I Stand Here is, more often than not, created. Young and Jackson’s, The Exford Hotel and Lustre Bar.

If you any of you guys are ever in Melbourne/Australia go to these places and drink. They’re solid. And if you happen upon a guy that looks like a displaced time traveler from the 1990’s tapping away on a tablet with his headphones in, don’t be afraid to say hello and buy him a pint.

Or a Maker’s Mark and coke, with a dash of Vanilla Galliano. It’s perfect writers fuel.

Finally, I’m going to end this post with the early January bloggers edict:

This year I aim to take my writing more seriously and post more often.

As an addendum, I’m also going to try to be less of an asshole.

None of these things I’m actually going to follow through with but you’re all more than welcome to come along for the ride regardless.


Travis Nevers.





Oh, and the number of times I’ve begun a sentence with the word and in 2018: 6.

Already off to a flying start!

Author: Travis Nevers

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