Short Thought 029

So I was sitting at a bar, minding my own business, when suddenly a random guy appeared out of nowhere and took the seat immediately to my right. Which I found somewhat peculiar because I was sitting alone in a booth.

booths are not for strangers
Awkwardness level: 100%

He was completely unremarkable in every way and, as I was completely immersed in my drinking/writing, I paid him no mind.

At least I tried to.

Not only could I feel his presence, his presence was invading the fuck out of my periphery.

Eventually the inevitable happens and I feel a tap on my right shoulder. I remove my headphones and turn my head. I take a better look at this personal space invader.

My original assessment still holds up, by wrapping himself in a drab/worn grey jumper and bafflingly drabber/worner green pants, the un-remarkableness of this random individual is so thorough I’m amazed he manages to force himself into corporeal form every morning.

With his closely cropped blonde hair and equally blonde patchy facial fuzz this drab/worn individual appears to be about ten years older than me. Though, truth be told, there’s every chance he was born a year or two either side of your humble narrator’s birthday. Such are the ravages of time. Or heroin.

I was just wondering if you could buy me a pint.

He didn’t even say hello.

You didn’t even say hello man. And I have my own pints to buy…” I reply.


I admire your temerity though. Free pints are the dream!” My goodwill banter is not reciprocated and I receive no response at all. He just stares blankly ahead. Potentially mentally making his way, making his way, through the crowd.

No banter man?” I query.

Again no response. Coupled with more blank staring.

Ok dude. Um…, best of luck.” I replace my headphones and retreat to the sounds of Souljacker Part 1 by Eels.

Dude sits there. Not speaking a word. Staring blankly ahead. For another five full minutes. Before eventually succumbing to the void and leaving/dissipating.

And that’s it.

Merely one of the billion random interactions between strangers that happen in this city every day.


Author: Travis Nevers

Just another random blogger trying to make his way in this crazy world we all share. Sometimes insightful, sometimes not... Read along at home!

2 thoughts on “Short Thought 029”

    1. Very!

      In all honesty I had no idea how to react to this situation. I am just grateful he didn’t eat my face off.

      Hope you’ve had an enjoyable Christmas season. πŸ™‚


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