2016 Will Destroy Us All.

2016 continues not to fuck around.

Jon English

Jon English, Australian rock/theatre stalwart and guy whose records my Ma would sometimes play when I was young, has died from post-surgery complications.
The All Together Now actor continues the trend of 2016 taking people that have always been a part of the background noise of our lives.

The following people etched themselves into the greater social consciousness, to varying degrees, and have all passed away this year.

  •  Jon English, 66, musician and actor.
  • Ross Hannaford, 65, Australian musician.
  • Sir George Martin, 90, British Hall of Fame record producer, composer, arranger and engineer.
  • Nancy Reagan, 94, American First Lady (1981–1989) and actress.
  • Paul Ryan, 66, American comic artist.
  • Paul Couch, 51, Australian football player.
  • Hayabusa, 47, Japanese professional wrestler.
  • Maurice White, 74, American songwriter and musician.
  • Dave Mirra, 41, American BMX rider, X Games winner.
  • Tera Wray, 33, American pornographic actress.
  • Vanity, 57, Canadian singer, actress.
  • Harper Lee, 89, American author.
  • Alan Rickman, 69, English actor, Hans Gruber, The Sheriff of mother fucking Nottingham.
  • David Bowie, 69, English singer-songwriter and musician, actor, Goblin King.

Brutal. And it’s only the beginning of March. It’s seriously messed up that despite the deaths of these talented, beloved people Donald Trump is still going strong. Sigh.

If somebody could please wrap Molly Meldrum and Bill Murray in cotton wool that would be great. I’m not prepared to deal with that yet.

Author: Travis Nevers

Just another random blogger trying to make his way in this crazy world we all share. Sometimes insightful, sometimes not... Read along at home!


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