All That I Am.

all that I am

I am not the car I drive, nor am I the house I live in.
I am not the music I listen to or the films I watch.
I am not the clothes I wear.
I am not the phone I use.
I am not the television I watch, nor am I the books I read.

I am not the food I eat or the exercise I do.
I am not the shoes on my feet or the hat on my head.
I am not what I drink.
I am not the tattoos on my skin.
I am not the classes I take. I am not the job that I do.
I am not the culture I was born into.
I am not the relationships I’ve had, or the people I sleep with.
I am not my family. I am not my friends.
I am not my twitter or my facebook.
I am not the world I live in.

I am not your misunderstanding or judgement.
I am not your opinions.
I am not your prejudice.  I am not your assumptions.
I am not your gossip or your lies.
I am not your beliefs or your standards.
I am not your hypocrisy. I am not your contradictions.
I am not your ignorance.
I am not your expectations.
I am not your disappointments. I am not your flaws.
I am not what you think I should do.
I am not who you think I should be.
I am not you.

I am my words.
I am my actions.
I am my mistakes.
I am my triumphs.
I am my values.
I am my ideals.
I am my aspirations.
I am my thoughts.
I am my desires.
I am how I feel.

This is who I am.


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