She + Her

These 2 forces, She + Her, are entirely symbolic of my own internal struggle.

Her; My doubts, insecurities, my rage/frustrations, my impotence, my complete submissive willingness to change/forgo everything I am just to please.
My belief that Her knows what is right in the world and, because of my past transgressions, I should follow Her blindly. Without question; lest I become a bastard again…
Her makes me feel wracked with thought. Must think.
Must think! Don’t react!

She… To say that she makes me feel the opposite would be a complete and utter disservice. Empowered. Whole.
No need to have to try/think, everything I say/do is… accepted for what it is.
Acceptance is no small thing. Acceptance is the best.
Beautifully effortless.
She makes me feel more than accepted. Like She is lucky to be in my company. Like my company is something to desire. Want. (Dare I say need?)
Indestructible. Unbreakable.
She makes me feel real.

Author: Travis Nevers

Just another random blogger trying to make his way in this crazy world we all share. Sometimes insightful, sometimes not... Read along at home!


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