Metropolitan Blues…

A sharply dressed man with a copy of “Uncut” leaves his table to make his way to the bathroom while a table full of tattooed men and eager women laugh effortlessly at an unheard joke… A businessman shifts awkwardly in his skin as he orders another wine… Two less than subtle women in skirts far too short talk far too loudly about an unfortunate, unseen man… A flock of schoolgirls move aside to let a man wearing shabby clothing move through their throng, then giggle malevolently amongst themselves…

The city stoically ignores the commotion.

Rihanna helps fills the void of silence and struts confidently on the video screen… A girl with pink hair yells desperately into her cell phone while passers by stare without commitment… The buses and trains come and go at their whim, regardless of any latecomers shouts or pleas… A swarm of yellow taxis overcharge people to take them where they need to be… A bird eats the remains of a meal not worth finishing… “TELL THEM IT’S OVER” the billboard screams… An elderly gent calls the barmaid “Sweetheart” and gets away with it… Two people embrace before they part ways… A man holds the door open for a woman who passes through, then cries…
The city welcomes another thousand people.

Young men in peaked caps like the safety of numbers… The symphony of car horns sounds unlike anything Mozart ever composed… A young girl pushes a younger girl through the scene in a pram… A older gentleman wearing tan pants laughs knowingly to himself… A barmaid skillfully balances a tower of glasses inside themselves… People moved upward without any effort… A young man with far too much confidence smiles as an attractive young girl initiates conversation…
The city breathes life through noise and exhaust fumes.

Author: Travis Nevers

Just another random blogger trying to make his way in this crazy world we all share. Sometimes insightful, sometimes not... Read along at home!


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