Like a virgin…

…blogging for the very first time.

Ah, technology. Thank you for giving me the power/opportunity to spread my unique brand of madness to the masses. As of right now I have a grand total of zero followers/minions so “the masses” may be somewhat over-enthusiastic, but I’m optimistic.

Honestly, if I can wrangle half a dozen internet denizens to read my tales of nobility/oppression/confusion/awesomeness regularly I’ll consider this endeavour completely worthwhile. And if nobody follows this blog I’ll tell myself I’m doing it for me.

I assume (you know what happens when you assume? You make an ass out of you and me, so please stop) I’m going to fill this blog full of observations/opinions that decent society may frown upon. Or quandaries I may find myself in. Or, I’ll be able to use this space to post things about people I know without fear of scandal/retribution.
Only time will tell…

Welcome one and all.


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